Nov 29, 2010

Amelia Earheart

Did you know Amelia Earheart was the first woman pilot? She was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24th 1897. She was an adventerous and outgoing person.

Her last plane crashed in the Pacific and till date no one has found it.

If I were to meet with her I would ask her where in the Pacific her plane crashed.

I am doing a book report on her. I have to make a chart this time. Mom is going to print some pictures for me to make the chart.

Oct 20, 2010

My school day

well this is how it started
well at first we got in the car then we got to school and it was a long ride there my head even strated to hurt well were at school and i am walking up the stairs with this heavy backpack and i finally get in almot after 3 minnetues i arrive at my classroom my heavy backpack and then i go to where all the kids are and then one of the girls from my class screamed my name and then squeazed me then i started playing sharks and minnos after that my teacher came and we all whent upstaires into my classroom and then i changed my closepin and tore out my pappers and then we said the pledges and we started school first we had reading with mrs.sandifer after that we had chapel then we had snack and my gogurt spilled on my jumper so i whent in the bathroom to wash it off when i was comming out a firedrill rang so we had to go outside then we came back in and we finished snack after that we had handwriteing after that we did a quiz and then we had history aftor that we had sience then we had recces after that we had lunch i had chicken and bread and cheese after that we had math class after that we had free time i played with my friends then we whent outside for aftacare then daddy picked us up and we whent home on the way home my head started to hurt but anyway we reached home then i got my backpack and whent inside


Apr 9, 2010


Hi ,I am Sharon this is my first blog. Can you please give me some tips on blogging.
THANKZ! Um.. I will be going to India soon so can you just give me ideas soon?
just leave the tips in the comments.